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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Berlin Street Style - A Guide To Urban Chic

I was browsing the Urban Outfitters sale on their website and came across this, “Berlin Street Style – A Guide to Urban Chic” and thought as I’m venturing off to Berlin soon, it was fate that I came across this book (I tell myself) and that I must buy it! As you can guess it very quickly found its way in to my basket and then through my post box!

I’ve not read the entire book as yet but am so far really enjoying it! As you can probably guess it’s a sort of guide book – a guide to the Berlin woman’s style and beauty habits, if you will.

I love the way this is written and the photography in this book is just beautiful! To me, this is very similar to “How to Walk in High Heels: A girls guide to everything” by Camilla Morton (a MUST READ for all ladies btw!) and, I imagine, a German version of the popular “Paris Street Style – A guide to Effortless Chic” by Isabelle Thomas (which is next on my book wish list!)

It has tips for everything; from how to style a leather Jacket, to what restaurants are the flavour of choice for the Berlin women elite!

Even if you’re not travelling to Berlin anytime soon, this is still a great read and I recommend picking it up!

Berlin Street Style – A Guide to Urban Chic - £12(ish) - you can find it here on Amazon UK.

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