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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

NYE 2014 // Matching Lips & Nails

Tom Ford and Chanel... my 2 favourite names! I know I'm all about the nudes at the moment, but I couldn't resit donning these little numbers for New Years Eve!  I'm not having a mad one this year, just a group of close friends, some drinks, some food and a whole lotta laughs!

Tom Ford Lipstick in Black Dahlia is a gorgeous vampy, plum purple. It glides on effortlessly and is perfectly pigmented! I think it gives that extra oomph to your makeup look! I'm going to pair this with minimal eye makeup - a flick of liquid liner and lashing of mascara.

On my nails, its got to be Chanel's Rouge Noir - This perfectly matches the Tom For lipstick in Black Dahlia.  I've done a post about this beauty (here).  This nail polish has a been a favourite for me these past couple of months!  If you can't rock a Tom Ford and Chanel combo for New Years Eve, then when can you!

Hope all you lovelies have an awesome NYE whatever you're doing! See ya'll in 2015! xo

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

In Love With Tom Ford Lipsticks...

I can't hide it any longer, I must confess, I'm in love... with Tom Ford Lipsticks! Come on ladies, who isn't right?! From the sleekness of their packaging to their texture and pigmentation, they're perfect in every way. Okay, so the price leaves a little a lot to be desired (an eye watering £37 each!) but in a way it kind of makes them that bit more special, for me it does anyway.  I only allow myself a new Tom Ford lipstick on birthdays, at Christmas or on special occasions!

This Christmas I was extremely lucky and got 2 of them to add to my ever-growing lipstick collection! I think I've said it before, but it's life goal of mine to have a line of these dreamy little beauties on my shelf! This dream will come true one of these days ha!

Now, my Tom Ford Lipstick collection is a bit on the small side, for now! I only have 3 shades... 3 glorious beautiful shades! Is is crazy that sometimes, when I'm feeling a bit down, that I take them out and look at them (maybe put one on) and it cheers me up?!

If you've got some Christmas £££ (or $$$) to spend then I recommend putting some of those golds towards a Tom Ford lipstick. Trust me, you won't regret it! All three of the shades I have are different - ones a dark vampy colour, ones a pretty nude and ones a bright orange red!  You can find swatches all over the Internet of pretty much most of the Tom Ford Lipstick colours, but I recommend picking one of these 3! If you ask me to pick just one shade out of these 3... I can't! I love them all!  It'll have to be up to you to decide what shade you pick... but if you do decide to pick one up, and you're around these parts, leave me a comment to let me know what shade you picked up! Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas break! xo

Ps.  If you read my last post, my bread turned out pretty great, so much so that it's now all gone! Note to self, will have to make some more!!

Monday, 29 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas // 2014

I hope all you lovelies out there had an amazing Christmas 2014! It seems so sad that Christmas is all over with now. The lead up to Christmas is so manic that sometimes it feels unfair that its all over with in one day! ...Although in my family, we carry on the celebrations through boxing day and quite right so!

I got a little bit spoilt this Christmas, I'm so grateful and thankful for all the gifts I received! - If you're wondering what the NARS blush is, its Douceur and the lipsticks are Tom Ford Nude Vanille and Black Dahlia and Mac's Creme D'Nude. I'm also so in love with all my Pandora jewellery, I wasn't expecting any of it! My prosecco candle smells divine and I'm obsessed with L'Occitane - family, friends and the boyf all did good this year! ;)

I hope you all got the gifts and surprises that you wanted and had an amazing day with your family and/or friends! I consumed far too much champers and chocolate (food in general really) which is the way it should be! Bring on New Years Eve!

Ps. I did get a few bottles of alcohol and (a ton) of chocolate that aren't in the pictures... mainly because they've either been eaten or drank already or are in the process of being demolished! && as I'm sat writing this, I'm waiting for my homemade sun-dried tomato and parmesan bread to bake in the oven, it smells dee-licious! xo

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I Passed My Driving Test!

So…as you can guess by the title, I finally passed my driving test!! Woo Wooop!! I am literally over the moon! Knowing that I will never again have to get up early on a Sunday morning to have a 2 hour driving lesson or take another driving test again in my life is just such an incredible feeling! I now feel like a proper grownup and I can’t quite believe that “they” trust me enough to be on the road! Ha!

To anyone out there that has a test booked, I know how you’re feeling, trust me! I was a wreck the day before and the day of my test! The best advice I can give… try and relax. I just kept thinking, if I can chuck myself out of a plane and go skydiving then I can certainly just drive a car around for 40 minutes!

When you go for your test, you should feel totally confident with all your manoeuvres and your instructor should have already gone through some of the test routes with you (where ever you decide to take your test) so you already know everything you need to know! Try and get to bed early the night before and get everything you need ready for the test the next day. I remember saying to my examiner at the time “I’m so nervous I’m either going to vom or cry” haha! Cringing now but at the time it was pretty true! Once I got in to the test, I’d say about 10 to 15 minutes or so, I was absolutely fine, I just sort of forgot that I was on a test, I just started chatting with the examiner like I would my driving instructor and it sort of felt like I was just on a normal driving lesson.

The boyf was such a babe and got me a little well done on passing your driving test present (if you follow me on Instagram you'll be able to check out what he got me! If you don't follow me, I'm @Hayl5t0rm) and he took me out for dinner to celebrate!

Good luck to any of you lovelies out there that have a driving or theory test booked, you can do it! xo

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