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Saturday, 7 February 2015

If you know what happiness is to you...

This isn’t a tag as such, but the lovely Helen from Love Cats INC. did a post like this the other day and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about myself this week and I thought this would be great chance to remind myself about the things that have made me happy lately and the things that I’m looking forward to…

01. Spending time with the boyf // I know this sounds like cheddar on cheddar but when I’m feeling crappy the boy really knows how to cheer me up. He tells me he loves me, to stop worrying so much (I worry A LOT) and to chill the fuck out! He always makes me laugh and I feel instantly better when I’m around him.

02. My nephew // I love my little chunk monster, so when my sister asked if I would like to be his godparent this week, I squealed! That kiddo can always put a smile on my face!

03. Coffee with chums // I’ve had a few lunch dates with friends this week. Coffee and catch-ups, the two just go hand in hand really!

04. Flowers // I bought myself some pretty orange roses this week. Nothing brightens up a room like fresh flowers.

05. Planning a trip to Bournemouth // Me and the Boy have decided to go to Bournemouth today and I can’t wait. I know it’s not beach appropriate weather AT ALL but the beach always makes me feel better and instantly puts me in a good mood! There’s nothing like a walk along the beach, the sea air, fish and chips…and then maybe hitting the arcade!

06. Planning a trip to London // At the end of the month the boy and I are training it up to London again. We’re going to stay with his sister (who actually set me and the boy up!). As I was ill the last time we went up (for the slipknot gig) I didn’t really get to do many of the things that I wanted to do so we’ve decided to have another weekend up there when I get paid! We’re planning to go for breakfast at the Duck & Waffle (hopefully!) and I sooo want to try the peanut butter cups from The Good Life Eatery!

07. My new blog design // I decided that as I’m getting more in to my little space on the internet this year that it was high time I actually take some pride in its appearance. So voila… I just love it. Simple, chic and pretty, just what I was after and it looks so profesh! What do you think? - Now I just need to get my photography skills down!

08. My assignment // As some of you may or may not know I’m currently studyign for a legal secretary diploma in family law and am in the tick of currently doing a beast of an assignment as part of it. Now, I already work in family law but I love learning more of the law behind it and just learning new things in general really. Also, as I’m focusing on my assignment it takes my mind off of the things that I’m worrying about, it’s a win win situation!

09. New Purchases // Buying new things makes everyone feel better, am I right?! I recently bought myself a few new things that I LOVE (see my haul post here). I just can’t stop wearing my new pea coat, it’s so warm and comfy! I’ve also made another cheeky ASOS sale purchase this week…I’m unsure on it, but I can always send it back if I no likey!

10. Pinterest Obsessing // I’m obsessed with Pinterest lately, I just love scrawling through and looking at all the gorgeous pictures, especially the office/desk type pictures at the moment! I usually stalk through Pinterest while I’m led in bed on a weekend morning with a coffee in hand… perfect way to start the day! You can follow me on Pinterest here if you like, or just go click over in my side bar, over there >>>

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