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Monday, 28 September 2015

The Clarins Game Changer

Before I came across the Clarins Toning lotion for Dry/Normal Skin, I never really entered in to the world of toners – I always thought it was just an extra step in my skincare routine that was a bit of a waste of time - that was until I discovered this beaut!

I was after a moisturiser at the time (the hydra quench moisturiser) and was given a little sample of this as I explained that I had super dry skin.  I used the sample up and decided that this was a step that defiantly needed to be added in to my skin care routine!

Claris describe this product as a "gentle alcohol-free toning lotion which stimulates and refreshes the skin, while respecting its pH and moisture levels. Enriched with gentle Camomile, Alpine Herbs, and Linden extracts the toner softens, smoothes and soothes irritations. Vitamins A, B and E improve skin quality. Gently removing all traces of cleanser, this facial toner provides ultimate comfort for dry skin, and leaves dry or normal skin cleansed and perfectly radiant. Day after day the gentle facial toner prepares and readies the skin for the Clarins treatments that follow".  I couldn't have put this better myself!

Ya'll know I’m all about the hydration factor when it comes to skincare and I’ve noticed that since using this, in combination with my moisturiser, my dry skin has completely disappeared! I pump a little bit out on to a cotton round and gently swipe across my face after cleansing; this product makes my skin feel so fresh and awake, also, I don’t know about anyone else, but when I cleanse my skin it can sometimes feel a bit tight afterwards, a swipe of this product over my face and that tightness disappears! Its quite heavily scented but it doesn't irritate my skin at all.  I would defiantly recommend picking up a sample the next time your walking past a Clarins counter! xo

Saturday, 26 September 2015

New In // Drug Store Hair & Beauty Haul

OK, so Boots is literally just around the corner from my office…it’s a dangerous thing! It's even more dangerous when you've got a fresh wage packet in the bank. So I decided to pop in to get some lunch so naturally ended up browsing the makeup isles! Well, one thing led to another and few new things ended up in my basket!

The first thing I gravitated towards were the new lipsticks from Maybelline and of course went straight for the nudes! Yes, nude obsession is still going strong... (side note:  I have a nude nail polish post coming up soon!). I picked up the shade #725 Tantalizing Taupe.  It looked gorgeous watched on my hand but I find this is a bit too much of a browny nude on my lips (I prefer more pinker nudes).  I need to experiment with this, maybe wear it over my Pillow Talk Lip Cheat from CT? Anyway, the texture of it is lovely, I really like the packaging and I quite like the smell too, its sort of sweet and cake-y... if you don't like strong smelling lip products though, warning: this is probably one to stay away from!

As it was buy 2 get a 3rd item free I just sort of went for it! The next item in my basket was the Eraser Eye Concealer from Maybelline in Light.  I've wanted to try this concealer for a while now, I've heard some pretty good things about it. Well, even though its "Light", its really a bit too dark/orange for my skin tone and its got quite a watery texture.  It does have some coverage, not as much as other concealers I love but I am quite glad I picked it up to try.  I make it work for me and I tend to use this as a quick grab and go product, if I can't be bothered to wear any foundation I dot this on the places I need, work it in with my fingers, a quick swipe of my Mac MSK in Light and I'm out the door (obvs not forgetting mascara!)

The last thing from Maybelline I picked up was the Master Brow Pro Palette.  I've been using the hourglass brown pencil for ages and just fancied picking up something a bit different.  There were 2 shades, medium and dark, I went for the dark one! I'm actually quite impressed with this product.  The first square is the wax that you apply to sort shape, tame and sort our your brows, you then fill them in with the powder in the middle square and the third square is your brow highlight (which also makes quite a nice eyeshadow!). I don't use this on a daily basis as its quite time consuming and in the mornings during the week, I like to get things over and done with quickly, this one i use when i have more time, like at weekends, but I quite like this product!

I then ended up in the hair isle where another 3 for 2 was happening, dum dum dumm...

My shampoo had just died a death so I picked up the OGX KuKui Oil Hydrate & Defrizz shampoo & conditioner.  I've heard Caroline Hirons talk about these and the babe that is @Loumoo_ on Instagram recommended them too, so these went straight in the basket! They smell incredible, like, holiday smell incredible! I've only tested them out once so far but they've left my hair feeling soft and noticeably less frizzy!

For my freebie I headed to the hair mask section.  I decided to pick up the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask.  I haven't used it yet, but my favourite conditioner of all time is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner, so I have high hopes for this.  I'm thinking about using this as an overnight treatment, but its quick a thick consistency so i'll have to see how I can work with it, but I will let you lovelies know what I think when I get to use it! xo

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Adventure Begins

My work life has been kinda crappy lately, but I had a little epiphany in the gym this morning (yes, I was in the gym on a Saturday morning, I can't quite believe it myself either!) – I’m the only one that can change this! So I’ve decided the fist thing I need to do is to bring some positive energy in to my work space!

My current work space in my office is so blah! I haven’t really put a personal stamp on it yet and over the weekend I decided that this needs to change. I’ve been scrawling through Pinterest looking for office-inspo and made a cheeky little purchase in Urban Outfitters.

I realised that I didn’t have a work mug, so I picked up this cute little one. Perfect for sipping my Cherry Bakewell Green Tea from in the afternoons (sounds weird, tastes amazing)! I also spotted this marble effect notebook – it was marble, I’m a blogger, the 2 go hand in hand really.

Im feeling like a marble, white, mint and gold theme - obviously I'm not allowed to paint my desk or the walls or anything like that, but I want to bring in accessories with those sorts of colours.  I've been scrawling through the internet and found some little gems...

The marble plates are from H & M // I have so many random bits and pieces on my desk at work, I thought the bigger marble plate would be great for keeping all things in one place.

The clear and gold pen pot and stapler are from Kate Spade // so chic right?! Why wouldn't I want these pieces on my desk!

The pencils, scissors and prints are from Etsy // I though bringing in prints to put up in my work space would give me something pretty to look at rather than just my notes and random bits of paper & also make my workspace feel more personal.

The journal is from Urban Outfitters // I'm OBSESSED with mint green at the moment, this daily journal needs to be mine!

I feel a stationary/office accessories splurge coming on!... Hope all you lovelies are having a great weekend! xo

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Michael Kors // Mini Selma

You know when you go shopping and you think, what could make this day even better?... I decided that it would be a new Michael Kors bag! Isn't she a beauty?!

I already have one of the large Selma Totes (you can see that here) but I wanted something smaller to take out in the evenings and of course black goes with everything so it was a win win situation when I found this little baby.

It's pretty small, there's no way you could fit a full on purse in this thing, but it has a little card holder inside to put things like that in which is perfect, it also means you can't stuff your bag full of "just in case" things/the kitchen sink which I'm always guilty of doing...although not now!

This bag looks so classic and chic, it literally goes with every single outfit I own! I always get complements on it when I take it out with me. I love the clean lines, the hard structured leather and the gold hardware.  The strap is also long enough to wear it cross body, which is great!... I'd definitely recommend investing in a MK baby of your own! xo

Sunday, 6 September 2015

High End Beauty Haul

I did a whoops and had a bit of a splurge, a high end splurge, and you know what, I don't eve care! I love everything I bought and I'm not even ashamed at just how much money I rinsed through! lol

Whenever I'm in the John Lewis in West Quay, Southampton, I just can't seem to help myself.  Their beauty haul just calls to me.  When i'm there its like I'm in some beauty bubble and i'm completely oblivious to just how much damage i'm doing to my bank balance... yet I would still go back for more!

Friday, 4 September 2015

August Non-Beauty Favourites

I thought I would split my August favourites up a bit and do a Beauty Favourites post and a Non-Beauty Favourites post... I don't have too many non-beauty favourites but if I had squished everything in to one post, it would have been waay too long!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Beauty Favourites

This year is really flying by! I feel like the closer we get to the end of the year, the faster its going! I'm kinda sad to say goodbye to August but I feel like September is month for change. I've finally finished all my exams so my evenings are free for me to get off my arse and actually do something and I'm excited to say hello to Autumn!

I feel like August was the month for skincare, I didn't really wear allot of makeup but I totally stepped up my skincare game!...
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