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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist/Gift Guide

This might not be to everyones tastes, but this is just a my little list of things I'm hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year or a gift guide for those who are a bit stuck on ideas!...

01.  Fuji Instax Printer // I'm completely obsessed with Instagram (who isn't right?!) and to be able to actually have those photos, in my hand, in real life, would be awesome!

02.   Graphic Tees - The Hallow Society & Born a Bad Seed // I discovered these brands through Instagram (I told you I was obsessed!) and fell in love! Tees and jeans are probably my favourite things to wear (besides pjs! lol) and these tees fit the bill for me.  I'd definitely recommend checking out both websites - you will want EVERYTHING, trust me!

03.   Gold Monogram Mug from Anthropology // These are totally Pinterest! Who wouldn't want one to sip their tea or coffee from or hold their brushes in or just to sit there and look pretty!

04   PJ sets from Next // PJ sets are a basic staple that everybody usually gets for Christmas. I don't know about anyone else, but I actually really like getting pjs for Christmas.  I love a good tartan set of pjs in the winter (they kinda remind me of Home Alone, don't ask me why lol).  For me, Next pjs are really good quality, I want to feel super cozy when I sleep, not all itchy and uncomfortable!

05.   Palmistry Candles from Rockett St George // I love the style of these candles, I've seen them on a few Instagram accounts I follow and they just look so boho-y, I'm really in to that style at the moment and know these would look great in my room!

06.   YSL Black Opium Perfume // I think perfume is another one of those Christmas staples! I keep spritzing this on me everytime I walk through John Lewis, I really like it! Its just the right amount of sweet for me and who doesn't love the sparkly bottle?!

07.   Tom Ford Lipstick in Velvet Cherry // Oh Tom Ford, how I love thee, let me count the ways... I think this particular shade came out in a collection last year, but I've been lusting after this shade for a while, I know its not my usual shade of nude (I'm quite surprised myself) but theres just something about this berry red shade and the name of it that turns my face in to that "heart eyed emoji", you know the one!

08.   Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk // Confession, I already own this... but I would be totally and hopelessly grateful to receive another! This is the one lip liner that every gal needs in her makeup bag! Plus, hello, its Charlotte Tilbury and that packaging, ugh, to die for!

09.   Copper fairy lights from Urban Outfitters // I love me some copper right now and I love fairy lights - this is a win win situation here! I spotted these in my local Urban Outfitters and didn't pick them up, I could kick myself right now - so thats why they're on this list!  

I hope this little list helps you out a bit and you all have a gloriously wonderful Christmas and New Years! xo
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