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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bobbi Brown // Skin Nourish Mask

I know what you're thinking, Bobbi Brown do face masks?! Yes, yes they do and they are bloody gorgeous!

Bobbi Brown have bought out 3 new beauty boosting face masks which are currently exclusive to John Lewis stores (or at least thats what it says on the John Lewis website). They have the Radiance Boost Mask which is an exfoliating mask that claims to gently smooth, re-texturise and soften skin to reveal a more even, fresh-faced glow, the Instant Detox Mask which is basically a clay mask that claims to purify and deep cleanse the skin, removing impurities, pollutants and excess oil from pores without stripping the skin and the Skin Nourish Mask, which is the mask I went for. Sitting under air-con all day at work, I do usually sway more towards the hydrating products.

The Skin Nourish Mask is a hydrating mask that's enriched with Coral Grass and Green Algae, 2 powerful moisture magnets that make this a super creamy yet lightweight mask. The website claims that it instantly quenches dry skin with sustained moisturisation for a smoother, plumper look. Used three times a week, it helps repair skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduce the look of fine, dry lines. I can tell you now, they ain't lying!

I like to apply this once or twice a week, depending on how my skin is feeling.  I apply just a thin layer all over my face.  Its quite an odd texture, it is quite creamy but also quite stiff feeling, then when you work it in to the skin and the product warms up slightly it becomes a lot more oil like.  The "instructions" say to apply this liberally on skin and allow to absorb for 2-5 minutes. Tissue off excess product, then gently massage the remaining product into skin. But i've never been one for rules, I apply this in the evening as part of my night time routine, if i've a applied a bit too much and my skin is just that bit too oily I'll dab off some of the product, but because I don't apply it with a heavy hand, i tend to just leave it and sleep with it on over night.  I wake up the next morning with noticeable plumper and softer skin, I just love it when a product really works!

This is a scented product btw but even that didn't affect my sensitive skin.  Usually when I try a new product my skin starts to tingle and go red, yes, its that sensitive, but with this mask I had none of that! Going back to the scent its hard to explain, it smells lovely and fresh and it reminds me of the smell that some of the Origins products have.

One last point i'm going to touch on...the packaging! Bobbi Brown sure know how to knock out great looking packaging don't they!

If any of you have tried any of the other masks, let me know! My skin loves this one so much I'm considering investing in the other 2! xo


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