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Friday, 25 March 2016

30 Facts About Me

I realised that I hadn't done a proper personal post in ages, and this is MY blog! I know I started this blog as a place where I could talk about makeup, beauty and all the crap that I love to my hearts content but realised the other day that, thats all I'd posted for a while. So I though fuck it, I've seen these sorts of posts floating around a bit and decided to do one myself and let you guys (or whoever reads my space on the internet) get to know me a bit more... so here you go, have 30 random facts about me...

01.   I just got a promotion at work, good bye legal secretary, helloo paralegal!

02.   I'm completely and hopelessly addicted to Iced Coffees, like seriously addicted!

03.   I love murder mystery programs, like Murder She Wrote... I'm actually 80 years old!

04.   Thor and Scarlett Witch are my favourite marvel characters.

05.   I have a major crush on Chris Hemsworth.

06.   I go to comic con... its amazing, you need to go!

07.   I love Talisman, The Witcher and The Walking Dead board games (all with a glass of vino!)

08.   I got so obsessed with playing Talisman on my iPad that I started dreaming about it so had to put myself on a ban!

09.   I collect Pop Vinyls.

10.   Skyrim is my favourite xbox game!

11.   I'm a pretty big geek... if you couldn't tell!

12.   I have 13 tattoos - including tattoos on both my ears and all my toes. I really want more!

13.   I have my ears pierced 7 times.

14.   I have stretched ears.

15.   I love reading Stephen King and Anne Rice books.

16.   I love movies, all kinds of movies! Some of my favourites are Jurassic Park (all of them, even Jurassic World), The Uninvited, The Indiana Jones movies, all the Quentin Tarentino movies, Queen of the Damned, Pitch Perfect, to name but a few… yeah I have an eclectic taste!

17.   I love to binge watch tv series on netflix and sky - my faves are American Horror Story, True Blood, Making A Murderer and Stalker.

18.   My guilty pleasure is watching Geordie Shore (and The Royals).

19.   My favourite genre of music is metal.

20.   My 2 favouritest ever bands are Killswitch Engage and SlipKnot.

21.   My favourite tipples are Jim Beam or Red Stag with diet coke!

22.   I've been with my boyfriend on and off for about 5 years now - which is the longest relationship I've ever been in!

23.   We're now saving for a deposit to get a mortgage, argh!

24.   I used to have bright red hair.

25.   I love to sing, even though I can't... Paramore songs are the best songs to sing to!

26.   I feel lonely... a lot.

27.   I have an unhealthy obsession with skincare and makeup...hence why I started this blog (which I've had for 5 years).

28.   I wear a lot of black, like a lot!

29.   My favourite flowers are white and orange roses.

30.   I''m obsessed with Reeses everything! But who isn't right?

Hope ya'll are having a great bank hol weekend & enjoying the sunshine! xo


  1. Congrats on your promotion!! X


  2. I love posts like this and finding out more about the blogger so lovely - so cool that you have those tattoos, I plan to get some in the future and more piercings, I currently have 6 but want to add more!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Wait, there's a The Walking Dead board game, how did I know about this! I think I need to investigate this asap haha, I'm a huge fan. Plus I think every woman on the planet has a crush on Chris Hemsworth :)
    xxx Claire

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