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Sunday, 31 July 2016

July 2016 // Favourites

Pre warning: the start of this blog post is going to be so "favourites post" cliché but... Where the hell is this year going? Seriously, someone please tell me how the hell we're at the end of July already?! I'm gunned blink and before I know it we're gunna be celebrating the end of the year and getting ready to start the next.

This month has been pretty crackin if you ask me! I've had my birthday, which means GIFTS! I've been to London, I went to the Star Wars Celebration (if you read my"30 facts about me" post, you'll know I'm a loud and proud big ass geeky nerd!), I've seen the ballet and we've had some beautiful weather.

Now, back on to the topic of what products I've been loving this month - As its been fucking Boiling with a capital B in the UK this month, I've not really been wearing much makeup (although I don't wear a ton of makeup on the reg anyway), I've been keeping things simple and going back to the good ol' basics! Although there is something new I've been loving thrown into the mix too...

01.   Avene Moisturiser // If you read this space, you'll know I have super sensitive and allergic skin (insert massive sad face!).  I would love to experiment with all the different lotions and potions out there, but I have to be real careful with what I put on my face... muma doesn't want to end up covered in hives again! Well this moisturiser is an oldie but a goodie, the "cream" de la "cream" of moisturisers, if you will, for dry and sensitive skin! I used this way back in the day and this month I repurchased and I can't see myself using anything else on my face for the foreseeable future! If you have dry, itchy, irritated and allergic skin and aren't quiet sure or are worried about what to use/smother your face with - this, I would definitely recommend this! Its soothing, cooling, hydrating goodness for the skin and soul baby.

02.   Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Natural Powder in Light // And the longest name for a powder goes to... lol! I know I have dry skin, but in the summer, when you have to power walk from the train station to the office I can sometimes work up a bit of glisten on the face, this helps to keep everything looking set and put together and theres definitely no cake face with this guy! I love using this to set my under eye concealer, its stops those pesky little creases from appearing! I keep trying other powders but always come back to this one.

03.   Benefit Watt's Up // Ok, so this one completely contradicts the last product I spoke about, but no-one likes a sweaty glistening mess, you gotta get that subtle highlight in the right places.  This is a gorgeous golden highlighter and I've been loving this product this month - I've only recently picked this up and already its one of my faves in my makeup bag (and no, its not just because Kim KW uses it, ok, that may have a little something to do with it lol).  I'm not an "in your face, disco ball, you can practically see your face in my highlight" kinda girl, I'm more of a subtle sheen lady.  You can't go too OTT with this and I love it for that reason. I pop this on the tops of my cheeks, tip of my nose, under my brows and even the inner corner of eyes... it never looks too much, but it gives you that something something, like you're an effortlessly glowy summer babe, but secretly you've made a little bit of an effort.

04.   Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette // I've been trying to up my brown game lately and this product has been the one I've been reaching for to help me achieve this.  This is a great 3 all in one product.  You've got the brow gel, the brow powder and the brow highlight.  Its super easy to use, you can go as heavy or as light as you want, for a brow newb like me this has massively helped! The colour is pretty good match too... its not too orangey brown, but its not too cool grey either, its the perfect inbetween AND its budget friendly - I used to use the Hourglass Brow Arch thing but I've completely ditched that for this babe! I'd definitely recommend picking this up in your next Boots haul!

05.   Glam Glow YouthMud Mask // I can't get enough of this mask. Its the perfect little pick me up for your skin - especially when you feel like you're skin is kinda ok so doesn't really need a mask for a specific issue but you feel like you wanna give your skin a little treat... trust me, treat your skin to this.  This just brightens and tightens and makes everything look and feel better. You do look a little like a sea monster when you apply this, but you definitely get that spa feeling during and after this mask.  I know the price tag can be a little hefty, thats why I picked up the small jar and its lasted me pretty well so far! I picked this baby up from M&S of all places, but you can pretty much pick up this brand everywhere now.  I've popped a more detailed description of my thoughts on this mask in a post here if you fancy giving that a read...or you could just throw caution to the wind, trust me, and just got out and buy it and try it for yourself! :)

Hope all you beauts have had a great July! Now lets keep those fingers crossed for a great August and for the sun to continue (although the heat not so much, give me a nice breeze any day!).  Also, I'm about 50 or so away from making 500 Bloglovin followers... don't forget, when I hit that 500 mark, I'ma be doing a lil giveaway to say a bit fat thank you to all you gawjus readers! xoxo

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