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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Budget Brush Cleanser

Nobody likes brush maintenance! It’s a necessity (even though I'm guilty of putting it off for a long as I can get away with) and it's basically just fucking boring! I try and give my brushes a proper clean at least once or twice a month (I don’t actually use my makeup brushes every day, I don’t really wear makeup every day!) but when I need to give them a spruce rather than a full on wash I like to use this, the B. is for Beautiful Makeup Brush Cleanser - A conditioning brush cleanser that disinfects and cleans - I picked this up in Superdrug. I like to think that spot cleaning my brushes means that when I do actually give them a proper wash, they're not actually that dirty, so it won't take as long!

I use this by spritzing a bit on a cotton wool pad (I love the Boots own brand big double face oval ones, they're usually on offer), and then swirl my brush in it in circular motions until it looks its best again. If the brush has been "well loved" and there's quite a bit of makeup build-up, I repeat this. Also, as the cotton wool pads are double faced, once one side is done with, you can just turn it over and use the other side – waste not want not as they say!

Now, there are some pricey-er more fancy brands out there that do exactly the same thing, but I wanted to show this one some love - and why pay mega bucks when this one doesn’t break the bank? It does a pretty good job at getting the makeup off my brushes, dries quite quickly, smells quiet nice and when I use my brushes after using this product on them it doesn’t break me out, I'm not allergic to it and it doesn’t irritate my skin! Not bad for brush cleanser that’s only £4.99 ay?! xo

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