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Friday, 5 August 2016

Top 10 Budget Beauty Buys

So, I think its pretty obvious that I've been on a bit of a budget makeup kick at the moment, so I'm carrying that on and talking about my top 10 budget beauty buys.  I looked at my makeup collection and thought what do I use on the reg thats budget/purse friendly but also amazing quality... these 10 have are what i gravitated towards:-

01.   NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm // Ok, so I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of/read about/watched youtube videos raving about the NYX Soft Matte lip Creams.  People rave about these for a reason - they're kind of a weird texture, definitely soft and definitely matte and they're super comfortable on the lips.  If you're a nude lip lover like me, you need the Stockholm shade in your life. I feel like this shade goes with every look and, I don't know how, but I feel like this makes my lips look fuller - its magic!

02.   NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray // I'd never tried a setting spray until I picked up this guy in my lil NYX haul the other month (you can have a look at what that post here if you like)  and I freakin LOVE this! I don't know how this compares to other setting sprays out there as, like I've said, I've only used this one, but holy crap on a cracker this really works!!! My makeup last all day and I mean ALL DAY when I give my face a spritz with this.  It says matte but this doesn't dry my skin out at all and doesn't have a scent a scent, it also has a really nice spray on it - its not one of those sprays where you feel like its literally poking your face with liquid, its a lovely mist! Go try this, trust me!!!

03.   Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer on 010 Ivory // I raved about this in my budget concealers post here, so I won't bore you and go on and on about how great a concealer this is (it really is though btw!), but what I will say here is that this is constantly in my bag at the moment, you know you love a product when you carry it everywhere with you! Its so easy to apply, matches my skin tone, doesn't crease - its pretty great!

04.   Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose // This blush is my ride or die! Its my all time favourite - I even have a back up, thats how much I love this! Its the perfect blush, its holy grail, theres just no other way to describe how I feel about this product.  Its the perfect natural peachy pink flush, it goes with every single makeup look from natural beauty to dark and dramatic and its impossible to go too OTT with this.  If your pale like me, you'll love this too, trust me!

05.   Rimmel Eye Shadow Quad in 002 Smokey Brun // I'm a total eyeshadow newb, I rarely wear it because I don't really know what I'm doing - and when I do wear it, I tend to just cross my fingers and hope it turns out alright - some beauty blogger huh?! WELL, when I do actually make the effort to wear eyeshadow I'm defiantly all about the neutrals and this particular product is the palette of choice I reach for.  You just cant really go wrong with this, the shades are beautiful, for a budget eyeshadow quad the colours are pretty opaque and they have a slight shimmer to them as well - you can create a soft natural look or go full on deep and smokey.  I also just want to say that these shadows don't irritate my eyes - for all you sensitive skin gals out there.

06.   Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in 001 Black // This is another ride or die holy grail product.  I don't think I've even used another liquid liner other than this one (side note: I do love the Soap and Glory pen eyeliner, but it dries out too quick and I mainly use it to get the line and flick down and then I fill in with this product).  This is super easy to use, its super black, dries quick, I love it! I was actually wearing this in my old blog profile photo.  If you're after a new liquid liner and are bit overwhelmed by all the different options, definitely try this one out!

07.   It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream // I know this isn't a drug store product in the UK but it is for all you USA peeps out there - I'm totally jealous of you! For us UK lot, I picked this up from BeautyLish.com - great service/delivery/everything! I love this and have been using only this as my foundation/base for a good while now.  It has SPF, it has great coverage, it doesn't dry my skin out or highlight any dry patches and it gives my skin a glow... I've done a post all about my love for this, you can read that here if you like - It really is the perfect foundation for dry skin gals!

08.   Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette // I featured this babe in my July faves and for good reason! For us brow newbs this product is a must ! Its a 3 in 1 and has everything you need - brow gel, brow powder and a brow highlight (that I sometimes use all over the lid to brighten my eyes if they need a little help!).  You do have to faff with a brush so it's not like a low maintenance pencil thing, but I just love the colour, its not too orangey brown, its not too grey brown, its my perfect brow colour! I know theres a lot of choice out there when it comes to brow products and it can sometimes be a bit scary trying to chose one, but *nudge *nudge, I'd give this one a go!

09.   Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm // If you get dry lips and you've tried a bajillion lip balms and nothing works - get your ass over to Boots (or Amazon!) and get yourself this lip balm.  I've tried LOADS of lip balms in the pursuit of soft lips and nothing compares to this - I swear by this and will never use another lip balm for as long as I live.  Its little pricy for a drug store lip balm (£6ish) but its still a drug store product! :) Seriously, you need this lip balm! Also thought I'd throw in that its unscented and doesn't have a funky taste!

10.   Real Techniques Brushes //  C'mon, who doesn't own at least one Real Techniques brush? You just cant beat the quality for the price, so of course I was going to include them in this post!  I love the bold metals collection (gorgeous brushes!).  I tend to reach for my my Real Techniques brushes over all others, they wash well, they don't break the bank and they look pretty! If you haven't got yourself a Real Techniques brush, what are you doing? lol

I think is obvious that Rimmel is my drug store brand of choice here! But these, for me at least, are the best of the best from the drug store, I would recommend these to anyone who asks and the majority of these products I've been using for years and years - some products are new finds this year, but still, all of these products are waaay worth it!

I've had today off, and its been a bloody lovely day off too! Theres nothing like having a Friday off, a lay-in, face masking and meeting friends for coffee! ...on a separate note, I've been naughty and have quite the haul of new things - I'm not sure whether to put everything in a mahoosive blog post or branch out and try maaaybeee making a youtube video, what do you think? Umm, I don't know! Who ever's reading this, help! - and I hope you're having a lovely Friday/weekend/day! xo


  1. Real Techniques brushes are so amazing if you're on a budget - I need to try some of these bits out!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. They really are aren't they! I was trying to think of my top product to recommend out of the 10 I mention, but I cant pick just one, you need everything, all these products are amazing! ;) xo

  2. I'm obsessed with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, I really wish it was available here, there really isn't anything that compares when it comes to coverage!
    xxx Claire

    1. I hands on heart agree!! I love it and its the only base I'm using right now. Beautlish shipping is pretty good though, I'm thinking about picking up the IT Cosmetics concealer next! xxx

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