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Friday, 16 December 2016

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide/Wish List

At this time of year when we're spending more nights in than "out out", and especially with Christmas literally round the corner and all the brands bringing out their Christmas gift sets, I just seem to want EVERYTHING!

I thought I'd share a few of my current beauty wants with ya'll in case you need some inspiration or simply just want some ideas of what to add to your Christmas wish list…

01.   Philosophy Shower Gel in Christmas Cookie // I love the Philosophy shower gels, they smell incredible, so when I saw they came out with a Christmas Cookie scent, I was ALL over it! And isn't the packaging just so pretty? You also get quite a lot of product for the price, these have always lasted me ages! ... wouldn't this also make a great stocking filler?

02.   Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement Serum // I love Bobbi Brown Skin Care and I've been reading some crackin reviews about this product – it's also anti-ageing, which, let me tell you, is something you instinctively start thinking about when you hit your late late 20's! Also, don't you think this will look super cute sitting on your bathroom shelf?

03.   Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in B*tch Perfect // I know, Surprise surprise, another nude lip product, well I did say I love them. I got a little sample of this when I ordered something off their website and I just fell in love! It's one of those everyday nudes, that suits absolutely everyone and goes with any look – plus I don’t actually own any Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, its just calling to me. Also major isn't Charlotte Tilbury packing so 20's glam!

04.   Sigma Tapered Highlighter Brush // I just really like the look of this brush and think it would be a great multi-tasker. I need a brush small enough to dip into my Kat Von D palette but to also help with contour (I'm still a newb at it), to powder under my eyes and to highlight – I think this brush would be the one!

05.   Zara Striped Scarf // Theres just something abut Zara scarfs, they so big and cosy and snuggly and they last for ages! I love big scarfs that you can just wrap yourself up in and they bring out a gorgeous selection each year, that not too badly priced either, this ones around the £20 mark.  I might just have to treat myself to this one! This would make a great Christmas gift for that someone your struggling to buy for!

06.   Diptique Vanille Candle // theres just something so iconic and sophisticated about diptique candles, i don't know whether its the chic black and white packaging or the fact that even one of their small candles can fill a room with scent when its not even lit, but they're beautiful! They just make SUCH a great gift! I ask for one every year (or I treat myself to one around the holidays). You also cant really go wrong with a Vanilla scent, you just know you're gunna love it!

07.   Quay Australia Super Girl Cat Eye Sunglasses // It seems like everyone has a thing for sunnies right now - even though we're in the depths of winter, you just cant beat that feeling you get when you've got a new pair of sunglasses to add to your collection especially when they as pretty as this Quay Australia pair! I love the matt black metal frame and the grey lenses, so chic and don't you think they would go with just about, oh i don't know, EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT? I would be one happy girl if I found these under the tree this year (I may just have to treat myself if ASOS have any more of their discount days!!).

08.   Zara Perfume // I don't now if you've ever smelt a perfume from Zara, but I can tell you they're heavenly!!! They might not be your fancy pants Victor & Rolf or YSL fragrances, but the scents Zara perfumes come in are delicious. I love vanilla-y scents, ones that aren't to sweet, aren't too floral and they're just the right hint of that musky deepness. Ok, so I'm crap at describing scents, but trust me, read the notes of some of the perfumes on the Zara website and one of these babies will be in your basket quicker that you can say "keep the change you filthy animal"! They're also such great prices, you really cant go wrong!

09.   Oskia Renaissance Mask // I'm a big skin care junkie, but then again what beauty girl isn't? This has been on my beauty wish list for a while, its supposed to be brightening and hydrating - whats not to love about that? I've used their cleanser before (you know, the one EVERYONE and their mother uses!) so I know my skin gets along with the brand! I'm just itching to try one of their masks!

10.   Urban Decay Naked Palette // What self confessed makeup loving girly girl doesn't love a good palette?! I cant believe I don't actually own any of the UD Naked palettes, I need to rectify this situation STAT! I hear the quality of the eyeshadows is really top draw - they're all such wearable shades too! Perfect for minimal makeup lovers that sometimes fancy kicking things up a notch.

A sneaky no. 11 : Even just a Sephora gift card would a be a tasty little present to find in your stocking or under the tree!

I cant believe Christmas is next weekend people, where has this year gone? I still have so much to do, I say every year that I'm sign to be mega organised and get everything sorted early... it never happens ha! anyway, I'd be one happy lady finding any of these treats in my stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning! xo

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