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Friday, 30 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016...

I know these types of posts are a bit hit and miss, but for me, I love being mega nosey and finding out what everybody else got for Christmas, so I'ma show what I got!

I feel really lucky to have received all the gifts I did this year, I seriously LOVE them all! My parents, like the total babes they are, still get me a stocking with all the usual bits you expect to find in a stocking, you know, like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, socks, tights... but they also got me a lovely cosy set of PJs, a snuggly as fuck dressing gown and ... the ENTIRE box set, yes all 12 seasons, of Murder, She Wrote on DVD! I was so excited that I genuinely cried, like balled my eyes out and gave my mum the biggest hug I've ever given her lol!

I finally got a Naked palette!! Am I a proper beauty blogger now?! lol My sister was so sneaky with this one! lol I love it, I cant believe she got me this, I cant wait to start creating some looks with this, meep!

The FiancĂ© also didn't too shabby on the gifts this year either, as we're saving for a deposit to buy a house, we set a £100 limit for each other.  He gave me money to go towards the cost of getting my next tattoo - how cool is the the little chest he put the money in to give me?! SO Skyrim! (my favourite xbox game). He also got me a little something extra as well, these super cute wooden tear drop plugs with a ouija board curser on them - I love them!

I also got some pretty fucking sweet gifts from my girls! They know me FAR too well and I love every single one of them.  All these gifts were so stunning and so well thought about and I honestly had a little tear in my eye when opening them! - The peach body shop range is my ULTIMATE favourite range and its so hard to get in winter because its one of their summer ranges, but my babe managed to get her hands on one of the sets! I don't know how she did it!! And Just look at the Reeses Pieces set, my girl did goooood! That Marc Jacobs nail polish is going straight on my nails, its such a stunning colour and those tumbler glasses with the little gold cactuses on them, so Pinterest worthy! I also haven't taken these slippers off since I got them, they're so cosy!

How delicious is this Champneys Hamper the Fiancé's dad and step mum got me, its so nice!! and everything smells gorgeous! Also I'm not allergic to any of it, yay!!

Of course I also got a shit load of chocolate, but I kinda ate most of it before taking the pictures - don't judge lol

Hope all you beauties had a really lovely Christmas! Heres to a fabulous 2017!! xo


  1. So many lovely bits ahh - I'd love to try out the naked 2 palette!

    Lucy | Forever September

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